Jan 13, 2023: What's The Important Problem in Your Field?

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You and Your Research

by Richard Hamming (52 min)
The most important thing for a scientist is to work on important problems, and the best way to do this is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. To be successful, you must also be willing to fight the system and take advantage of all the resources available to you. Finally, you must be able to sell your work to others in order to make it impactful.
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The "Big Rocks" of Life

by Dr. Stephen R. Covey (2 min)Dr. Stephen R. Covey's "Big Rocks" illustration teaches us that if we don't prioritize the important things in life, we won't get them done. He encourages us to identify the "Big Rocks" in our lives, such as projects, time with loved ones, faith, education, finances, and causes. We must put these "Big Rocks" first or we won't get them in at all. This is a reminder to prioritize the things that matter most and to not let our schedules get too full. We must make time for the important things in life.πŸ”— Glasp Community Highlights

9 Startup Lessons From Phil Knight, Creator of NIKE

by Sid Jain (11 min)
Phil Knight, the creator of Nike, shares nine lessons for startups. He emphasizes the importance of hiring a team of believers, targeting end customers, and taking care of mental and physical health. He also advises startups to be wary of the bargaining power of suppliers and to never stop. He encourages entrepreneurs to keep going even when others call their ideas crazy. In the end, he emphasizes that mission matters the most and that following one's calling can make fatigue easier to bear.
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