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Read5for5 Challenge

Read 5 for 5 Challenge
November 2022 5 Day Reading Challenge in November 2022 📚✨Day 1️⃣ 1. How to Make Sure You Keep Growing and Learning by Susan J. Ashford (8 mins) Small, everyday experiments can help us reach our goals and get better at the skills that are important to us. Leaders who are

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Use Case
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Why Are We Building Glasp? Why Are We Building Glasp?Hi there, I’m Kazuki, cofounder of Glasp. Thank you for being interested in our story! In this post, I’d like to share a brief story of why we’re building Glasp. Entrepreneurial roots and near-death experiences As my

Articles of Product Management

Product Management
Product Market Fit Guideline Product Market Fit GuidelineIf you’re a startup founder, product/market fit may be the thing that you always care about. As I’m constantly reading and highlighting articles about product/market fit, I’d like to share some of my favorite reading materials that helped