Bri - How to use ChatGPT to easily learn any skill you want : Summary and Q&A

Bri - How to use ChatGPT to easily learn any skill you want : Summary and Q&A


In today's digital age, mastering the art of self-education can be daunting. From sifting through countless resources to crafting the perfect study plan, the challenges are real. Dive into this video as we unveil how harnessing the power of ChatGPT can revolutionize your learning journey, making it targeted, efficient, and highly rewarding.


AI as a Learning Tool: The speaker shares their struggles with self-education and how using ChatGPT (AI) transformed their learning experience, making it more efficient and targeted.

  • The Pareto Principle: Applying the 80/20 rule, they use ChatGPT to create a focused learning plan. By identifying the 20% of a topic that results in 80% of the practical applications, they optimize their study time.
  • Study Schedules & Resources: The speaker uses ChatGPT to generate a tailored study schedule based on their availability. Additionally, they prompt the AI to recommend diverse learning resources (videos, books, podcasts, etc.) that cater to different learning styles.
  • Active Learning Through Projects: They leverage AI to suggest project ideas that match their skill level, enhancing their hands-on learning. When faced with challenges or concepts they don't understand, they ask ChatGPT for explanations using the "Feynman Technique" or analogies to simplify complex topics.
  • Socratic Method & Continuous Learning: The speaker uses the AI to simulate the Socratic method, enhancing their critical thinking skills by posing open-ended questions and offering feedback. They emphasize continuous learning and experimenting with new methods and invite viewers to share their AI-assisted learning techniques. The speaker also promotes their Twitch channel where they showcase real-time skill practice.

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Q: How did the speaker initially struggle with self-education?

Answer: The speaker had a passion for learning and a multitude of topics they wanted to explore. However, despite this enthusiasm, they found the process of self-education challenging. They struggled with finding the right resources, devising a structured curriculum, determining what to study, when to review, and establishing a consistent study schedule. This often led to an unproductive cycle in their self-learning journey until they discovered ChatGPT.

Q: What transformative change did ChatGPT bring to the speaker's learning process?

Answer: ChatGPT was a game-changer for the speaker's self-education. Within just a few months of using the AI tool, they made more progress in their learning than ever before. ChatGPT provided a streamlined approach, from creating focused learning plans based on the Pareto Principle to suggesting study schedules and resources. The AI's efficiency and targeted assistance made the learning process much more effective and enjoyable.

Q: What is the Pareto Principle, and how does it apply to learning?

Answer: The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. When applied to learning, if one identifies ten topics in a programming language, for example, two of those topics might account for 80% of the language's practical applications. The speaker utilized ChatGPT to focus on these pivotal areas, ensuring a more efficient learning process.

Q: How does ChatGPT help in creating a study schedule?

Answer: Instead of manually plotting out a study schedule, the speaker would delegate this task to ChatGPT. They would inform the AI of their available days and study hours and request the inclusion of revision and testing times. In seconds, ChatGPT would produce a detailed study schedule, tailored to the learner's needs and ensuring optimal time management.

Q: How does the AI assist in finding learning resources?

Answer: The speaker would prompt ChatGPT to suggest various learning resources, such as videos, books, podcasts, and interactive exercises, tailored to different learning styles. This not only saved hours of manual searching but also allowed for more targeted requests, like seeking only free resources or those suited to a particular learning style like visual resources.

Q: How does ChatGPT support active, hands-on learning?

Answer: Active learning through projects is crucial for internalizing knowledge. The speaker would ask ChatGPT to recommend project ideas suitable for their skill level. For instance, when wanting to strengthen C# coding skills, the AI would suggest relevant video game projects, facilitating practical application of the learned skills.

Q: In what ways does the AI simplify complex topics?

Answer: Whenever the speaker faced a challenging concept, they'd ask ChatGPT for clarification using the "Feynman Technique." This involved requesting the AI to explain a subject in the simplest terms possible, even as if explaining to a five-year-old. The speaker also leveraged analogies and mental models or visualization exercises, like the one used for understanding "opportunity cost" in microeconomics.

Q: How does ChatGPT aid in enhancing critical thinking skills?

Answer: The speaker utilized the Socratic method with ChatGPT to hone their critical thinking, logic, and reasoning skills. They would present a statement, and the AI would challenge it with open-ended questions. Upon the speaker's response, ChatGPT would offer constructive feedback, facilitating deeper understanding and analytical skills.

Q: Can ChatGPT assist with real-time practice of learned skills?

Answer: While the video didn't specifically detail real-time assistance, the speaker emphasized using ChatGPT for guidance, resource recommendations, and project suggestions. They also mentioned their Twitch channel, where they practice skills like coding and animating in real-time, showcasing the application of knowledge gained.

Q: What was the speaker's primary motive behind sharing this video?

Answer: The speaker aimed to share their "secret recipe" for leveraging AI in self-education. By detailing their struggles and the transformative impact of ChatGPT, they hoped to provide viewers with a powerful tool to enhance their own learning journeys. The speaker's transparent sharing of techniques and experiences was meant to benefit the larger learning community.

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