February 12, 2024: The Non-Zero-Sum Game of Ambition

“Choose the positive. You have a choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”

― Bruce Lee

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We hand-picked 3 good articles for you to highlight this week. Hope they'll help you get new ideas and perspectives. (You can read this online!)

📚 3 Good Articles for You

Absolute Success is Luck. Relative Success is Hard Work.
by James Clear (8 mins)

  • Warren Buffett's "Ovarian Lottery" illustrates that luck significantly impacts one's initial life conditions, suggesting absolute success is heavily influenced by chance, including where and to whom one is born.
  • The story of Tu Youyou, who discovered an effective antimalarial drug through persistent hard work, demonstrates that relative success is attainable through dedication and effort, underscoring the role of hard work in overcoming challenges and achieving goals.
  • While luck determines one's starting point in life, hard work and positive habits can influence the trajectory of success, highlighting the distinction between absolute success (luck-driven) and relative success (effort-driven).

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The Non-Zero-Sum Game of Ambition
by Kyle Harrison (8 mins)

  • The newsletter underscores the importance of ambition in fostering innovation and collaboration in the tech industry, drawing on "Arrival" to illustrate the concept of non-zero-sum games.
  • It argues against the commoditization of ambition, presenting it as a rare, monetizable asset that can lead to significant societal and financial outcomes.
  • The text concludes by contrasting the limitless potential of ambition with the finite nature of capital, emphasizing ambition's role in achieving transformative successes and creating impactful companies.

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My 12 Favorite Problems
by Ted Gioia (13 mins)

  • Inspired by Richard Feynman, the author champions the value of focusing on a set of favorite, open-ended problems rather than solutions, illustrating how this approach has guided and enriched their life and work in music and the arts.
  • Through exploring and reevaluating these problems over decades, the author has experienced significant personal and professional growth, leading to transformative insights and achievements, such as redefining the role of music as a change agent in human life.
  • The narrative underscores the importance of persistence in engaging with complex challenges, from the impact of cancel culture to maintaining creativity under constraints, showcasing how facing these issues head-on has fostered resilience, creativity, and a deeper understanding of one's vocation and personal values.

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