Glasp and Product Manager Job with Vineet Chaurasiya

Thankfully, Glasp is used by many product managers and has a lot of content on product management. For this interview, we talked with Vineet, who started using Glasp when he was an MBA student, learned product management through Glasp, and became a product manager.

What you will learn in this article

  • Use Case of Glasp
  • Job Hunting Tips for Product Managers
  • Value of Glasp
  • Advice for Product Managers


Vineet lives in India and works as a product manager at mobile payments and financial services company. He’s learning about product management, growth, psychology, and business model. He started using Glasp when he was a MBA student and keeps using it even after he started working as a product manager. He used Glasp to keep what he read and remember easily later and find good content from other like-minded people. He also used Glasp to prepare for his job interview for a product manager position.

Glasp Profile
Vineet's Glasp Profile

Use Case of Glasp

Glasp: Thank you for taking the time and allowing us to talk with us! Firstly, could you tell us how and when you use Glasp?

Vineet: Sure. My use case has changed between before and after graduating MBA. While I was an MBA grad student, I often used to have tests, so I used to read a lot of content. Whatever I thought was important, I highlighted those sentences. And then, before the test, I looked back at what I had read before and revise the important concepts.

And I was interested in product management, so I decided to become a product manager after graduation, and I was looking for a product manager job. On Glasp, there are real product managers, so I could look into what they are reading and learn from them. There is a lot of content related to product management and I used to read those whenever I got time. I still remember reading articles such as “Product Management Mental Models for Everyone” and “Why Product Leaders Fail” and I think these are really good articles.

We’re really glad to hear that! How did reading articles about product management help you get to a product manager?

As I read a lot of content about product management, I could imagine how product managers work in each domain and learn what is the role a product manager, and the frameworks they use. And before a job interview, I looked back at what I highlighted on my profile page and remembered the important concept. So, I could answer questions from recruiters.

That’s good. We knew you were learning a lot, so glad to hear that you got a job! How do you use Glasp now?

Thank you. I use it when I read articles about product management. But right now, I encounter a lot of concepts that I should learn and many obstacles that block a project, so whenever I need to solve a problem, I search for articles, understand the concept, and apply it to my current project. I usually search for product management content through the search bar or I open it when I find it on the Home feed.

167 artilces about Product Management
160+ articles about Product Management on Glasp

Value of Glasp

Could you tell us in which part you find a value in Glasp?

I think there are mainly two parts I like. The first one is to keep the good content I read. It is easy for all of us to forget what we learn and many people have their own systems or ways to address it, but the common thing is to have a place where we can look back at what we learned. Highlighting with Glasp is actually an easy action, but I set a threshold to highlight high, meaning I save only good content. Because if I save every content I find, my buckets will be flooded and overwhelming immediately. So, I don’t highlight news or trendy content.

The second one is to discover content from other learners. As there are real product managers on Glasp, finding and looking into their content was very helpful for me as an aspiring product manager. Now, I could find good content that really helps me improve my work, so I regularly look at Glasp and try to read and learn new things. And when I have no time to read full articles, I glance only at the highlights on the Home feed. It’d be a summary of the article, so I can judge if it’s related to me or not.

About Visibility

Thank you! Your feedback motivates us to work on Glasp. Have you ever cared about privacy? As everything you highlight is public.

Not so much. Actually, I cared about it before, but I realized that the benefits obtainable from being public exceed being private. If other learners’ highlights and notes are private, I couldn’t have learned from them. So, it’d be nice if other learners learn from me.

That’s what we actually think! We’d like to have more people like you. Have you shared Glasp with your friends, colleague, or family?

Yeah, I did once. I sent my profile link to the WhatsApp group, but I don’t know if they joined or not. And I didn’t push them too much. I think I should do it.

No pressure. Whenever you want to do is okay.

Thanks. But I noticed that I got followers on Glasp. And I receive a notification that other learners highlighted an article that I read already, and that lets me realize that my learnings are somehow helpful for them, which is nice.

Advice for Product Managers

Yes. It’d be nice if we can circulate learnings and get smarter together. Do you have any recommendations for other learners and other aspiring product managers?

Yeah. I think product manager is a role that requires many skills and perspectives. We need to not only understand one word or concept but also understand how these concepts are linked and affect other concepts in the big picture. So, if we cannot organize what we learned, we would be unable to make a clear and reasonable decision. I look back at what I learned on Glasp and remember and organize them.

If you’re willing to be a product manager, you can learn from other product managers on Glasp and I think this is a good opportunity. To pass an interview for a product manager, you need to have experience, understand many concepts, and showcase your willingness to learn. If you can tell your learnings to an interviewer, it’d be an advantage.

Also, by highlighting and keeping the good content, you can look back at them anytime. And it helps us avoid making the same mistake again and learn new things effectively.

That’s a really nice recommendation! Thank you for taking the time to have a talk with us!

It’s my pleasure.


In the interview, he told us that he could learn about product management and it helped him get a product manager job. And “the benefits obtainable from being public exceed being private” gave us an insight and convinced us to go on this direction. It’d be nice we could make a circulation of learnings among people. If you’re interested in Glasp, you can check it out here:

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