Jan 27, 2023: What Would Happen to You in a Book?

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How to Better Manage Your Life Admin
by Brett and Kate McKay (9 min)
Elizabeth Emens argues in Life Admin that managing our personal lives and households requires a neverending slate of tasks. To better manage life admin, Emens suggests performing a weekly brain dump, using the "2 Minute Rule" to quickly dispatch easy tasks, and taking the cost of life admin into consideration when making decisions. Additionally, Emens suggests holding "life admin study halls" with friends, scheduling a reset day when needed, and volunteering to help the less fortunate with their life admin. By following these tips, you can better manage your life admin.
πŸ”— Glasp Community Highlights

The Proven Path to Creating Unique and Meaningful Work
by James Clear (6 min)Creativity and meaningful work come from revisiting and revising ideas. The Helsinki Bus Station Theory encourages creators to stay on the same bus line and invest time in re-work, rather than jumping from line to line in search of something new. Deliberate practice is revision, and it is only through staying on the bus and committing to the hard work of revisiting, rethinking, and revising ideas that mastery reveals itself. To fulfill potential, creators must answer the toughest decision of all: which bus will they ride? What story do they want to tell with their life? What craft do they want to spend their years revising and improving?πŸ”— Glasp Community Highlights

What Would Happen to You in a Book?
by Nat Eliason (3 min)
If you're looking to improve your life, it can be helpful to think of yourself as a character in a book. We often think we can cheat the system and take the easy route, but the best parts of life are often hidden behind great efforts. Life doesn't always make sense, but it can be helpful to pretend it does. Taking the first hard steps towards your goals can be difficult, but it's worth it in the end. Remember that the best things in life are worth the effort, and don't be afraid to take the plunge.
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