January 20, 2022

This is Kei and Kazuki, founders of Glasp 👋

We pick up 3 good articles that we found this week. Hopefully, it will bring new perspectives and help you develop your career and learning journey.

This Week's Reading List 📚

The Surprising Power of The Long Gameby Farnam Street (3min)
The most successful people in any field all play the long game. The long game allows you to compound results. The longer you play the better the rewards. You can’t opt-out and you can’t play a long-term game in everything, you need to pick what matters to you.

Why Social Learning Mattersby Kazuki (7min)
Social learning is what has helped humans develop through generations. It’s what helped pass down ideas of the greatest thinkers in history. Allow yourself to learn from people, whoever they might be. Pay attention. Observe. Discuss. Doubt. Look for a deeper meaning. Read between the lines. We’re social beings who can only go forward from here.

The Hype Subsidy – Why Early Hype is Dangerous in Consumer Social by Sarah Tavel (7min)
This article explains a clear concept that a castle in the air won't succeed and chance favors the prepared mind. Hype applied at the right moment can make a startup, while the wrong moment can doom it. When your product is ready, your flywheel can spin faster as new users sign-up, and you can retain those users. Unlike economic subsidies, hype is better used after you get to product-market fit, not before.

See you next week ;)

Kei and Kazuki

Today's Quote - "When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t." - Thomas Edison


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