January 8, 2024: How to fight the “tyranny of small decisions”

“Not every difficult and dangerous thing is suitable for training, but only that which is conducive to success in achieving the object of our effort.”

― Epictetus

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Ignorance Is Bliss (Until It Comes Back to Bite You)
by Deb Liu (8 mins)

  1. Realization of Neglect: The author recognizes numerous ignored tasks in their home after staying at a friend's orderly house, leading to an awareness of their own procrastination.
  2. Teaching and Learning: The experience of teaching their son about car maintenance highlights the writer's own tendency to defer small tasks, inspiring a New Year's resolution to tackle such issues promptly.
  3. 2024 Resolutions: The author sets a resolution for 2024 to focus on completing small, overlooked tasks, reflecting on the positive impact of addressing these minor issues in daily life.

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How to fight the “tyranny of small decisions”
by Jonny Thomson (4 mins)

  1. Concept Explanation: The article discusses the "tyranny of small decisions," where individual minor choices, like online shopping, collectively lead to significant impacts, such as the closure of local businesses.
  2. Business Implications: This concept shows how short-term decisions can cause long-term problems, like the failure of essential services due to inconsistent usage.
  3. Strategic Importance: In business, it emphasizes the need for "systems thinking" to understand the broader effects of small decisions and prevent potential failures.

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Grow the Puzzle Around You
by Jessica Livingston (13 mins)

  1. Y Combinator's Inception: Co-founded Y Combinator in 2005, a groundbreaking startup accelerator, funding over 1867 startups.
  2. Author's Background: Overcame early life challenges, developing key qualities crucial for her career in startups and meeting Paul Graham.
  3. Impact at Y Combinator: Played a vital role in Y Combinator's success, using her unique skills and perspective to support early-stage startups.

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