July 1st, 2024: The Time Billionaire: A Concept That Changed My Life

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

This is the Best Career (Life) Advice I Ever Got
by Ryan Holiday (8 mins)

  • Learn from Others' Experiences: Mentors and books provide invaluable insights by sharing lessons and mistakes, allowing one to avoid pitfalls and benefit from accumulated wisdom.
  • Credit is Worthless: Prioritize doing impactful work over seeking recognition. Focusing on contributing to others' success and learning from diverse projects leads to long-term career benefits.
  • Build Your Platform: Establish a direct connection with your audience to maintain independence and security. Having your platform ensures resilience against external changes and provides a reliable means of communication and influence.

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The Time Billionaire: A Concept That Changed My Life
by Sahil Bloom (4 mins)

  • Time Billionaire Concept: Graham Duncan introduced the idea that young people are "Time Billionaires" with billions of seconds left, emphasizing that time is our most precious asset.
  • Be Present: Recognize the fleeting nature of time to appreciate daily moments and cherish interactions with family and friends.
  • Appreciate "Enough": Avoid the constant quest for more; focus on finding fulfillment in the present and valuing what you already have.

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Humor for Growth: The Strategy You’re Missing
by Tom Orbach (24 mins)

  • Humor is a cost-effective strategy for product growth, making products more relatable and memorable, and driving word-of-mouth through positive associations.
  • Effective use of humor requires strategic deployment, such as in marketing, onboarding processes, and unexpected places like 404 error pages and product instructions, to foster user engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Inside jokes and industry-specific humor can create a sense of community and connection with the audience, while careful analysis and creativity can lead to viral marketing successes and increased user retention.

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