July 13, 2023: The Wrong Side of Right

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Artificial Intelligence & Humanity
by Dan Mall (5 mins)

  • Dan Mall praises AI's ability to quickly generate many design ideas but criticizes its lack of quality judgment and inability to foster originality.
  • Mall suggests AI lacks the ability to incorporate unique human experiences into design, arguing that creativity often lies in outliers rather than averages.
  • He concludes that AI is valuable for automating mundane tasks and speeding up initial design stages, freeing humans to focus on creative and innovative tasks.

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The Wrong Side of Right
by FS Blog (2 mins)

  • The author explores the concept of focusing on being right, driven by ego and fear of being wrong, instead of seeking the best outcome.
  • They recount their past experiences as a knowledge worker, where their need to be right obstructed optimal solutions.
  • The author advocates for embracing the reality of being occasionally wrong, stating that this mindset has improved outcomes in their current leadership role.

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Best Practices for Developing a Product Strategy
by Deb Liu (6 mins)

  • Product strategies should start with a clear problem statement and understanding of the target audience. They must be adaptable based on new information.
  • Leverage unique assets and market position to form a plan. Successful execution of the plan is crucial.
  • Effective strategies are Opinionated, Objective, Operable, and Obvious, including a solid roadmap, risk understanding, and measurable success definition.

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  • PM Exercises released a new product, Product Monkey, for product managers!
    It's an AI tool to generate a draft of the product requirements and engineering tasks immediately. It drastically saves the time of product managers. Please check here to see users' voices and to try it out!

πŸ“£ Community

  • πŸŸ₯ Community Meetup:
    We'll have a monthly community meetup at 10 am on July 16th (PDT). We're looking forward to seeing you all! Please feel free to jump in and out. You can register for the event from here 🀝
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    We're going to have the Read5for5 challenge in the week of July 17th! We will share the details this weekend. Let's read good articles and connect with like-minded people.

kyle fox
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kyle fox

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The Power of Focused Learning and Work

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