June 24, 2024: Character Is Fate: 10 Habits That Will Help You To Live And Be Better

“Working for a big company is, I believe, much risker than it looks.”

― Marc Andreessen

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

The 8 fundamental habits of the calmest people
by Alex Mathers (3 mins)

  • Daily Movement and Slowing Down: Engage in daily exercise and slow down physical movements and speech to reduce agitation and match the present moment's pace.
  • Understanding Needs and Connecting with Nature: Be aware of personal responses to stimuli and food, adjust accordingly, and regularly spend time in nature to ground oneself.
  • Intentional Calmness: Commit to living a calm life by arranging environments and relationships to minimize stress and practicing practical spirituality.

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Character Is Fate: 10 Habits That Will Help You To Live And Be Better
by Ryan Holiday (9 mins)

  • Pursue Personal Virtue: Emphasize honesty, respect, generosity, and kindness as daily habits to improve character and contribute positively to society, aligning with Stoic principles.
  • Follow a Guiding Principle: Identify and adhere to a personal "north star," such as justice, to navigate life's challenges and make ethical decisions, ensuring consistent personal growth and moral integrity.
  • Commit to Action and Improvement: Develop competence through continuous learning and practice, and make small, consistent efforts to improve your surroundings and relationships, embodying the values of love, respect, and service.

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Engineering as Marketing 🤖
by Pierre-Jean Hillion (7 mins)

  • Concept and Benefits: Engineering as Marketing creates simple, free tools to attract users and raise awareness for a main product, diversifying marketing channels and boosting user acquisition.
  • Key Features: Tools should address specific user pain points, be easy to use and access, and avoid complexity and barriers. Effective promotion via social media, SEO, and paid channels is crucial.
  • Examples: Successful tools include Hubspot's Website Grader, Ahrefs' keyword generator, A/B Tasty's calculator, and Shopify's business name generator, all delivering immediate, free value without requiring sign-ups.

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