June 27, 2022

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We send you 3 good articles to highlight this week. Hopefully, it will bring you new perspectives and help you develop your career and learning journey.

📚 This Week's Reading List

The Diderot Effect: why we buy things we don’t need by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (5min)
We keep on buying new products, upgrading to the latest version, and filling our lives with possessions we don’t need. That’s the Diderot Effect at play: a tendency to over-consume, mostly caused by our natural need for betterment. Our natural tendency is to always consume more, better, newer. However, with a bit of self-control, it is possible to go from impulse buying to mindful consumption.
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The Momentum Canyon: From Traction to Growth by Brian Balfour (11min)
There are certain points in career and company growth where what made us successful up until that point, won't make us successful going forward. The author calls these Canyons. You are no longer solving a more intense version of a problem you've solved before, you have to solve a completely new set of problems that require completely different muscles, skills, and tools to solve them.
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SEO for early stage startups - Must-dos and FAQ by Jeff Change (4min)
In the early stages of a company, a startup’s acquisition breakdown tends to be paid and organic. The end goal is to have massively scaled channels that make up most of your growth. So how do you get there? In this post, the author talks about how to get started with SEO at very early-stage companies, up to the point where there is enough traffic to run SEO experiments.
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1️⃣ Ray
Ray is learning technology, knowledge management, and entrepreneurship.  So, please check out his profile.

2️⃣ Himanshu Sethi
Himanshu is a student learning design and engineering. He’s been learning the topic constantly, so you can be encouraged to learn together!

3️⃣ Marco Castellani
Marco is an astronomer and writer in Italy. He is reading in English and Italian, and you can see interesting articles on his profile!

You can see more featured curators from here 💎

❤️  Gratitude

  • Jordan translated the Ness Labs interview into German! Thank you, Jordan, for doing that!
  • Carlos and Melvin, thank you for trying out the embedding feature (see how it looks like on Carlos's and Melvin's blog) 🤩
  • Thank you, Andy, for mentioning Glasp on your blog! He's writing about note-taking in the blog, so please check it out 👀
  • Thank you, Nalanda Joglekar, for shouting out love on Twitter!

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