November 30, 2023: The Psychology of Human Misjudgment

“Be fascinated instead of frustrated.”

― Jim Rohn

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

The Psychology of Human Misjudgment
by Charles T. Munger (17 mins)

  • R.I.P. Charlie Munger. We learned a lot from your thoughts and words, and respect your digital legacy left behind to the world. All people must die, and once they pass away, we can no longer access their knowledge. This is one of the biggest problems that remains unsolved. Let us work on creating something that allows people to leave their learning behind, making it accessible eternally.
  • Extensive Rewrite and Behavioral Finance Foundations: Charles T. Munger's "The Psychology of Human Misjudgment" underwent a significant overhaul, incorporating new material and insights to reflect his latest thoughts on behavioral finance, a field he pioneered, which focuses on the patterns of rational and irrational human behavior.
  • Exploration of Psychological Tendencies and Their Impacts: The work delves into various psychological tendencies, such as incentive-caused bias and inconsistency-avoidance, illustrating how these factors drive human decision-making and behavior in real-world scenarios, from corporate settings to military strategies.

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7 Smart Phrases People With High Emotional Intelligence Keep Saying Over and Over, and Why
by Bill Murphy Jr. (5 mins)

  • "Let's think about why": Emphasizes understanding motives and reasons behind actions, helping to separate emotions from objectivity.
  • "Thank you"/"Please"/"You're welcome": Frequent use of these polite expressions fosters positive reactions and emotional well-being in both the speaker and listener.
  • "Can I see if I understand?": Demonstrates a genuine effort to understand others' perspectives, enhancing communication and emotional connection.

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Information Technology & Strategy
by Roger Martin (8 mins)

  • The article emphasizes the importance of aligning information technology (IT) with business strategy, especially in the context of "flattening technologies" like digital computing and the Internet.
  • It presents three rules for adapting to flattening technologies: building a strategy around the technology, leveraging technical expertise early on, and combining technology with customer insights.
  • The article discusses three ways to align IT with strategy: creating a flattening technology, becoming an early leader in a new technology, and using technology to enhance customer experiences, suggesting the latter approach as a common and effective strategy for businesses.

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