October 3, 2022

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Building a digital garden
by Tom Critchlow (6min)
Many people are building their own evergreen gardens for knowledge. In this article, let’s look into Tom Critchlow’s digital garden. In his system, there are three places to store and publish knowledge, Streams, Campfires, and Gardens. It’s insightful for us to take look into his system!
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What is “Social Reading” and why should Libraries care?
by Allison Mennella (12min)“Social reading,” as a concept, is actually quite simple:  people want to share what they have read with other people and receive feedback about their thoughts and ideas.  Technology is a great enabler for social reading, and the natural place for this activity to cultivate.  Social reading has several key characteristics.🔗 Glasp Community Highlights

The idea maze
by cdixon (2min)
Good startup ideas are well developed, multi-year plans that contemplate many possible paths according to how the world changes. Balaji Srinivasan calls this the idea maze. A good founder is capable of anticipating which turns lead to treasure and which lead to certain death. When you’re starting out, it’s impossible to completely map out the idea maze. But there are some places you can look for help. One of them is history. The benefits of learning about the maze generally far outweigh the risks of having your idea stolen.
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🟧 DALL·E-dle:
We made a fun side project, DALL·E-dle. It's a wordle-inspired prompt guessing game with DALL·E images. You can guess AI-generated images related to quotes and learn every day. Please check it out here to see how it works. And you can solve today's quiz here!

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