Highlight & Summarize Local PDF Files with Glasp

1/ 🚀 Exciting News! 🚀

We’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature on Glasp: PDF Highlight & Summary! Now, you can easily upload, highlight, and annotate your "Local PDF files". Here’s how it works: 🧵👇


2/ 🔒 Privacy First 🔒

When you upload your PDF files to Glasp, they remain private. Only you can view and highlight these files. Your personal notes and highlights stay secure and accessible only to you. Of course, you can change the visibility to public later ;)

3/ 📂 Easy Upload 📂

Uploading your PDFs is a breeze! Simply drag and drop your files or select them from your local system. Manage all your uploads directly from your user profile. It’s that simple!

4/ ✍️ Highlight & Annotate ✍️

Use our intuitive highlighting tool to mark important text in your PDFs. Choose from a variety of colors and add notes to capture your thoughts. Organize your highlights and annotations seamlessly.


5/ 🧠 Summarize with AI 🧠

Take advantage of our AI-powered summarization! With just a click, get summaries of your PDFs using ChatGPT. Dive deeper into your documents with interactive Q&A sessions directly on Glasp.


6/ 🌐 Browser Integration 🌐

Whether you prefer to work within Glasp or directly in your browser, we’ve got you covered. Highlight your PDFs using our browser extension for an integrated experience.

7/ 💡 Get Started Now! 💡

Ready to enhance your PDF reading and annotation experience? Head over to Glasp and try out the new PDF Highlighting feature today!

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Glasp is a PDF & Web highlighter that helps you collect and organize your favorite quotes and thoughts from the web. You can also access other like-minded people’s learning and build your AI clone from your highlights and notes.

8/ 📢 Feedback Welcome 📢

We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a message. Your input helps us improve and bring you the best experience possible.

9/ 🔗 Join the Conversation 🔗

Share your experience with the new PDF Highlighting feature and tag us Glasp. Let’s create a community of avid readers and note-takers!


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