September 1, 2022

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

How Humans Grew Acorn Brains
by Roman Krznaric (6min)Acorn Brain is located in the frontal lobe just above our eyes, especially in an area known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. This is a relatively new part of our neuroanatomy – a mere two million years old – giving us a rare ability to think, plan and strategize over long timeframes. If we are going to tackle long-term challenges like the ecological crisis, we will need to use this unrivaled ability to become part-time residents of the future.
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The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly
by Blas Moros (20min)
This article is full of gems. Every document in the world should be a footnote to some other document, and computers could make the links between them visible and permanent. What those kinds of books have always wanted was to be annotated, marked up, underlined, bookmarked, summarized, cross-referenced, hyperlinked, shared, and talked to. Reading becomes social. With screens, we can share not just the titles of books we are reading, but our reactions and notes as we read them.
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Marie Curie: The Power of Sharing Radical Ideas with The World
by Lindsay Morgia (5min)
Marie Curie did not let other people’s prejudices against women get in the way of her work. She made decisions about her career because she valued the power of science. Betting on ourselves means believing in ourselves and making choices based on our values. Sharing ideas can be a great way to connect with others inside and outside your field. Sharing also provides an opportunity to receive feedback from many different perspectives. Sharing doesn’t have to be scary. It can mean a call to a trusted colleague or a post in a LinkedIn group; whatever feels the most comfortable for you.
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