September 8, 2022

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

How Philosophers Think by David Perell (11min)
Philosophers are the most rigorous thinkers. The faster you jump to conclusions, the more likely you are to default to fashionable thinking. Humanity has succeeded not because of the intelligence of atomic individuals, but because we’ve learned to outsource knowledge to the tribe. Social learning is humanity’s primary advantage over primates and, in Henrich’s words, “the secret of our success.” The more people are exposed to an idea, the more likely they are to believe it. The more fashionable it is, the more exposure it’ll receive. But the popularity of an idea doesn’t make it correct. Like the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger, the best options aren’t always advertised.
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The Danger of Emotional Reasoning and Using Our Emotions as Proof by Dr. Hannah England (5min)
Recent research described emotional reasoning as a mechanism that “can lead people to take their emotions as information about the external world, even when the emotion is not generated by the situation to be evaluated.” This leads to inaccurate emotional truths which directly contradict any objective, perceptual truths. Recording your feelings in this way will allow you to reflect on your natural thought patterns so that you can start to identify when emotional reasoning is affecting you. This provides an opportunity to reject negative thoughts before they take hold.🔗 Glasp Community Highlights

Why Do Children Die? by Bill Gates (5min)
In 1950, some 20 million children died. In 1990, it was down to 12 million children, even though more babies were being born. By 2000, the number had dropped to fewer than 10 million. By 2019, it was below 5 million. Virtually all of these deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. The largest share of under-5 deaths is among newborns in the first 30 days of life. The chief causes of these neonatal deaths are severe infections and asphyxia—a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain and vital organs—which are especially dangerous for babies who are born prematurely. Some of the most effective solutions are as low-tech as you can imagine, such as simply placing a newborn against the mother’s chest immediately after birth.
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