March 11, 2024: The Dumber Side of Smart People

“We must use time creatively, and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

― Nelson Mandela

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

The Dumber Side of Smart People
by Morgan Housel (4 mins)

  • Intelligence can lead to overconfidence and self-deception, with smart people creating complex but inaccurate explanations for phenomena due to an overvaluation of complexity.
  • High levels of intelligence can result in ignoring valuable insights from less credentialed individuals, demonstrating a bias towards credentials over practical, potentially innovative ideas.
  • Maintaining an intellectual reputation may prevent smart individuals from adapting to new information or changing environments, potentially causing them to cling to outdated ideas and resist evolution.

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How to be useless
by Helen De Cruz, Pauline Lee (12 mins)

  • Zhuangzi, an ancient Daoist philosopher, advocates for the value of being 'useless,' suggesting it can lead to a more fulfilling life, in contrast to societal norms that prioritize productivity and utility.
  • Through stories and parables, he emphasizes the inherent worth of all beings and things, irrespective of their utility, encouraging a life of ease and freedom over one solely focused on purpose and function.
  • Zhuangzi challenges the utilitarian approach to life, proposing that true freedom and happiness come from transcending the concepts of usefulness and uselessness, and living in harmony with one's true nature.

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This is the AI x Crypto Cycle
by David Hoffman (5 mins)

  • The 2024 bull market cycle is anticipated to be characterized by the fusion of AI and cryptocurrency, marking a significant bubble fueled by capital inflows and speculative investments in emerging technologies.
  • The centralization of AI by major corporations poses risks to wealth and power distribution, contrasting with cryptocurrency's decentralization goals, prompting calls for "Decentralized AI" to democratize access and innovation in AI technologies.
  • Despite initial speculation and the proliferation of AI meme coins, the long-term vision for integrating AI with crypto aims to create a more inclusive and innovative technological ecosystem, moving beyond short-term speculative trends.

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