Apr 27, 2023: The End of Organizing

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Growth Loops: From linear growth to circular growth
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (4 min)
The traditional linear model of personal growth involves going up or down and competing with others. The circular model, however, involves a continuous feedback loop where everyone is at their own unique point of growth. Success is a by-product of the learning journey, and it's important to celebrate small wins. Double-loop learning is more complex and dynamic, taking into account external factors and adjusting mental models. To use the circular model, fall in love with the process and design feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.
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The End of Organizing
by Dan Shipper (4 min)
In the future, large language models like GPT-3 will organize our notes for us, eliminating the need for manual organization. AI can automatically tag and link notes, enrich them as we write, and resurface key information. LLMs can even write reports and summaries based on our notes, helping us understand ourselves and our world better. The ultimate tool for thought is tools that think, and note-taking is building a relationship with a future version of ourselves.
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Tiny Gains. Massive Results.
by FS Blog (3 min)
Instead of pursuing dramatic changes, focus on small, incremental improvements that add up over time. People often overestimate what they can accomplish in one year but greatly underestimate what they could accomplish in five years. Important changes happen slowly, so don't expect immediate results. Understanding human nature takes deep, repeated study and a long gestation period.
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