How to change email preferences

How to change email preferences

We're sending three types of emails. You can change the settings in which emails you receive. Below, we show each email and how to update the setting.

Weekly Newsletter

This is a newsletter we send weekly. You receive it on Monday or Thursday in the US time. It contains three good articles we recommend, community updates, and gratitude.

How to update the email preference

Please open your email. The email should be in your inbox folder. So, click and open it. At the bottom, you can see unsubscribe, so please click the text button.

If you click unsubscribe, you're successfully unsubscribed. After clicking unsubscribe, you'll see a questionnaire that asks you why you unsubscribe. So, please help us improve the quality of the newsletter.

If you're like to receive the newsletter again, please click preferences. You'll see a screen below. Please click Email Me A Link. Then, you'll receive an email from Glasp.

Open an email service provider and find the email from Glasp. You'll see Update your preferences in the email, so please click that part.

After that, you'll see a screen below. So, please input your email address and click Update Profile.

Weekly Stats Email

This is a newsletter we send weekly. You receive it around Sunday midnight(00:00 UCT). It contains your contribution to the Glasp community such as the number of highlights you made a week and the number of views by other users.

How to update the email preference

To update the preference, please go to the Settings page from the Home feed on Glasp.

Then, please go to the Email Preferences section. You'll see Weekly Recaps & Stats and Followup Emails. To unsubscribe from the weekly stats email, please unselect Weekly Recap & Stats and click Save at the bottom.

Follow-up Email

You will receive this email after you signed up for Glasp. You receive this email only once or twice. This email includes a guide on how to use Glasp and good articles to start reading.

How to update the email preference

To update the preference, follow the same steps as Weekly Stats Email above.


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