April 10, 2023: Why Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Why Write?
by FS Blog (2 min)
Writing is a process that helps you understand what you're talking about. It teaches you what you know and don't know, and how to think. Writing is not just a way to share ideas, but also a way to understand them better. A good writer discovers new things in the process of writing. Writing requires the compression of an idea, which helps readers understand it better. Tools that write for you won't help you learn to think deeply.
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The Big Project Syndrome
by Itamar Gilad (6 min)
"The Big Project Syndrome" is when a company becomes fixated on a big idea and turns it into a top priority project. However, when the project finally launches, the results are often underwhelming. This culture can breed managers who use big projects as springboards for promotion. Instead, companies should set goals for outcomes and allow knowledge and expertise to come from all levels of the organization. The key role of a leader is to define goals and provide context, then help their team discover the right solutions.
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Why Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones
by Ivaylo Durmonski (10 min)
Staying in your comfort zone limits your progress in life, while stepping out of it can lead to increased confidence, resilience, and success. The "Stretch zone" between your comfort zone and the panic zone is where learning occurs. To get out of your comfort zone, adopt mental models, find a mentor, and be open-minded.
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