April 3, 2023: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

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Fill your gut, then trust it
by Ethan Bond (2 min)
The "explore versus exploit" problem is a common struggle when faced with limited resources and opportunities. Animals have a strategy for this that is close to optimal, but humans struggle with it. To overcome this, trust your gut and build intuition in the landscape you want to thrive in. Deliberation burns calories, so it's better to trust your intuition sooner rather than later.
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What to do if your inner voice is cruel
by Kevin Dickinson (8 min)
Self-compassion is not about always feeling good, but rather a practice of goodwill. It involves accepting faults and shortcomings with kindness. Studies have shown that self-compassion is associated with greater life satisfaction and improved mental health. The golden rule of self-compassion is to treat oneself with the same kindness as one would treat others.
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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
by FS Blog (5 min)
Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, shares his unlikely truths for success, including the idea that goals are for losers, passion is overrated, and mediocre skills can make you valuable. He suggests doing creative work first, matching your mental state to the task, and spending time on self-care. Adams also believes in giving praise and changing your mind when necessary. He emphasizes the importance of systems over goals, as systems thinkers simplify and increase their odds of success.
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