March 30, 2023: 5 Productivity Myths Ruining Your Life

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5 Productivity Myths Ruining Your Life
by Nir Eyal (5 min)
Productivity myths can hinder rather than help. Motivation is not driven by reward and punishment, but by the desire to relieve discomfort. Searching for the "best" productivity apps is a waste of time, diagnose the problem first. Multitasking can be effective as long as we don't need to concentrate too much on any one channel. The myth of readiness can hinder the pursuit of goals. A to-do list is not the only measurement of accomplishment, it's important to consider the journey toward long-term goals.
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15 unconventional lessons about life, money, and success
by David Elikwu (3 min)
This article shares 15 unconventional lessons about life, money, and success. It emphasizes the importance of being happy, kind, and taking risks. It also highlights the need to make mistakes, be persistent, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The article reminds readers that they can't please everyone and that they don't need a title to be successful.
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Productivity 101: How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work
by Alan Henry (8 min)
Personal Kanban is a simple productivity system that helps you manage your to-do list and avoid taking on too much at once. The system involves visualizing your work, limiting your work in progress, and organizing your tasks by priority. The key is to find a method that works for you and complements your workflow. Personal Kanban also works well with other productivity techniques.
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