December 20, 2022: Being an Introverted Leader

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Being an Introverted Leader
by Matheus Tait (8 min)
Being an introverted leader can be challenging, but it is possible. It is important to capitalize on your strengths, such as being a good listener and having analytical thinking skills. Facilitated meetings can make introverts feel invisible, so it is important to surround yourself with complementary people and be self-aware. Knowing and being yourself is key.
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The Ten-Book Rule for Smarter Thinking
by Scott H. Young (5 min)
The Ten-Book Rule for Smarter Thinking is a research approach that suggests that ten well-chosen books are usually enough to understand the expert consensus on any reasonable question. People often fail to reach an expert consensus because they pick the wrong books. The goal is to estimate what an expert would think after learning as much as they have. Discourse tends to be grounded in a consensus viewpoint, so self-conducted research should be done with caution.
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How to Spend Your Time on What Matters Most
by Jill Suttie (5 min)
In her book "How to Spend Your Time on What Matters Most", author Laura Holmes recommends doing a detailed accounting of how we spend our time to make better choices. She emphasizes the importance of strong relationships and suggests "bundling" less pleasant activities with pleasanter ones.
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