December 28, 2023: 3 rules to express your thoughts so that everyone will understand you

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

― Maya Angelou

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

3 rules to express your thoughts so that everyone will understand you
by Kevin Dickinson (4 mins)

  1. Limit Points to Three: Focus on a maximum of three main points in a conversation to match the capacity of short-term memory, ensuring clarity and avoiding overload.
  2. Explain in Three Ways: For complex ideas, employ multiple methods of explanation, such as metaphors, examples, or visuals, to facilitate a comprehensive understanding.
  3. Emphasize Through Repetition: Reinforce key points by repeating them three times, aiding in memory retention and highlighting their importance in the conversation.

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10 AI Predictions For 2024
by Rob Toews (13 mins)

  1. Nvidia's Strategy Shift: Nvidia plans to launch its own cloud services and data centers, moving away from dependency on major cloud companies.
  2. Stability AI's Closure: Financial and operational challenges are predicted to lead to the shutdown of Stability AI in 2024.
  3. New AI Terminology and Roles: The use of "large language model" will decline in favor of terms reflecting AI's multimodal nature, and more Fortune 500 companies will appoint Chief AI Officers, highlighting AI's increased corporate significance.

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Why Tacit Knowledge is More Important Than Deliberate Practice
by Cedric Chin (15 mins)

  1. Tacit Knowledge's Role: Emphasizes the importance of tacit knowledge, acquired through experience rather than verbal instruction, in skill acquisition.
  2. Teaching Method: Illustrates that tacit knowledge is best imparted through practical examples and minimal verbal guidance, using bike riding as an example.
  3. Implications for Expertise: Highlights the difficulty in formalizing tacit knowledge and argues its recognition is crucial for true expertise in various fields.

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