December 8, 2022: The Buffett Formula: Going to Bed Smarter Than When You Woke Up

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Single-tasking: the power of focusing on one task at a time
by Dr. Hannah Rose (7 min)
Single-tasking is the most efficient way of working, as it avoids switching costs and conserves energy. Research shows that multitasking negatively impacts cognitive outcomes, and can even lead to lower grades. Focusing on one task can boost creativity, and the Pomodoro technique can help with this. By creating an environment free from distractions, using techniques to boost focus, and incorporating regular breaks, single-tasking can help you become more efficient and successful.
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Why Micro Habits Are Better Than Typical Habits
by Ivaylo Durmonski (11 min)
Micro habits are tiny routines that don't take long to execute and have the potential to lead to big results. They are better than typical habits because they don't require as much energy to perform. To introduce micro habits into your life, start small and increase the efforts when possible. Examples of micro habits include building a long-term project, reading for a couple of minutes per day, writing down what you will do tomorrow, resetting your room, and listing all of the things you said no to. Finally, make sure to review your progress and keep doing the activity.
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The Buffett Formula: Going to Bed Smarter Than When You Woke Up
by FS Blog (5 min)
Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have a unique partnership in which they both spend a lot of time reading and learning. They believe that it is important to go to bed smarter than when you woke up and to think critically and form your own opinions. They also believe in the power of collaboration and learning from each other. They emphasize the importance of reading and learning in order to become lifelong self-learner. They also emphasize the importance of expressing your thoughts and ideas in order to truly understand them.
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