June 29, 2023: Efficiency Is the Enemy of Innovation

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Efficiency Is the Enemy of Innovation
by Geoffrey James (3 mins)

  • Efficiency in business often leads to profit and power concentration in few corporations, stifling competition and innovation.
  • This dominance by mega-corporations can cause negative impacts such as social unrest, reduced entrepreneurship, and structural fragility.
  • Governments should promote market "resilience" over efficiency, by encouraging competition and reforming anti-monopoly laws to diversify the marketplace.

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Lazy Leadership
by Andrew Wilkinson (13 mins)

  • The author practices "Lazy Leadership," which involves less direct involvement and more delegation to his team, contributing to successful companies.
  • The "Lazy Leadership" approach views the business as a machine, with the leader overseeing operations without being deeply involved in daily tasks.
  • Using his company MetaLab as an example, the author illustrates how delegating roles based on abilities allows for continuous operations and enhances business growth.

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You'll forget most of what you learn. What should you do about that?
by Adam Mastroianni (15 mins)

  • People tend to forget a large part of what they learn over time, with various factors influencing the extent of this forgetting.
  • Justifications for this forgetting range from the inherent nature of learning to the goal of education being to teach how to learn.
  • The author posits that learning is fundamentally about emotional experiences or 'vibes,' which are often remembered better than specific facts.

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