July 3, 2023: The Long Tail: The Internet and the Business of Niche

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What Happened to the Creator Economy?
by Evan Armstrong (8 mins)

  • The creator economy is facing a downturn, with numerous layoffs and potential shutdowns of startups supporting online content creators, primarily due to only the top 1% of creators earning substantial income.
  • Investors failed to comprehend the inherent risks of the creator economy, likening it to high-failure sectors like small businesses and media companies, while competition intensifies due to the low barrier to entry.
  • Success in the creator economy has largely been confined to niche platforms serving specific needs neglected by larger tech companies, as the expected emergence of a "middle class" of creators did not occur.

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The Long Tail: The Internet and the Business of Niche
by Rex Woodbury (8 mins)

  • The "long tail" framework illustrates how internet companies like YouTube and Netflix tap into niche markets, with YouTube utilizing user-generated content and Netflix investing heavily in costly productions.
  • Platforms like Shopify and Faire apply the long tail concept to commerce, supporting small merchants and using data to improve customer experiences. These platforms often create more jobs indirectly than they employ directly.
  • Advancements in content creation tools, like TikTok's For You Page and AI generators, are expected to lengthen the long tail by fostering accessibility and creativity, thus democratizing content creation and commerce.

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Will AI Kill Vertical SaaS?
by Rob May (2 mins)

  • AI, specifically GPT-4, could significantly reduce software creation costs, potentially causing higher churn rates in SaaS due to lowered switching costs.
  • Companies might favor building over buying software as AI tools could simplify and cheapen the development process.
  • Lower software creation costs could lead to a surge in smaller, non-venture-backed software companies, resulting in more fragmented markets.

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