February 15, 2024: Most People Won’t

“Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.”

― Andrew Carnegie

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Most People Won’t
by Bryce Roberts (2 mins)

  • Elle Luna boldly critiqued and proposed redesigns for the Uber app directly to CEO Travis Kalanick at a post-event ceremony, leading to her leading a redesign team that transformed the app, winning the Fast Company 2013 Innovation By Design Awards.
  • The story illustrates a broader message that, although many people have aspirations and dreams, such as being fit or building a successful business, most will not take the necessary steps to achieve them.
  • Luna's experience emphasizes the power of taking bold actions towards one's goals, showcasing that stepping out of one's comfort zone and facing potential failure can lead to significant, impactful achievements.

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A Few Thoughts on Spending Money
by Morgan Housel (3 mins)

  • Money acts as both a tool for enhancing life and a means for social comparison, with personal spending often reflecting an individual's life experiences, values, and the psychological impact of those experiences.
  • The pursuit of happiness through spending is complex, with unspent money offering intangible benefits like freedom and autonomy, yet societal pressures and personal identities can influence spending habits and the struggle to find joy in purchases.
  • Societal trends shape aspirations, as desires and standards of living evolve based on what higher-income groups possess, highlighting the nuanced distinction between spending on practical utility versus social status.

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How Cash App Grows: Becoming King For Block’s $24B Commerce Stack
by Jaryd Hermann (33 mins)

  • Super App Transformation: Cash App evolved from simple payments to a comprehensive financial platform targeting underserved markets, utilizing digital wallets for growth.
  • Cultural Resonance and Growth Strategy: It gained traction through cultural integration, particularly in hip-hop, and efficient customer acquisition, surpassing traditional and neobank competitors.
  • Expansion and Disruption: Focused on expanding services to bank the unbankable, Cash App disrupts traditional banking with accessible, diversified financial offerings.

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