February 26, 2024: There Is Only One Way To Make Money

“If people tell you what you really don't want to hear what's unpleasant-there's an almost automatic reaction of antipathy. You have to train yourself out of it.”

― Charlie Munger

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

My 8 Best Techniques for Evaluating Character
by Ted Gioia (7 mins)

  • The author shares techniques for evaluating character, including observing a person's choice of partner, their behavior towards service workers, and how they handle trivial honesty tests, which reveal deeper values and integrity.
  • Emphasizes the significance of early life experiences and the ability to listen well as rare and valuable traits for understanding someone's true character and potential for handling challenges.
  • Highlights the importance of self-reflection using these techniques to assess and improve one's own character, underscoring the value of personal growth and integrity.

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Why Choose Process Goals? (Over Outcome-Based Goals)
by Ivaylo Durmonski (10 mins)

  • Process goals prioritize ongoing actions and behaviors over the finite achievements of outcome-based goals, fostering long-term change and aligning with an individual's broader aspirations for their identity and life.
  • Emphasizing continuous improvement and the maintenance of new habits, process goals help avoid the cycle of temporary success followed by regression, characteristic of outcome-based goal setting.
  • Setting and pursuing process goals involves envisioning desired long-term changes, identifying and planning for obstacles, and making gradual, sustainable shifts in behavior, supporting a transformative approach to personal development.

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There Is Only One Way To Make Money
by Tim Maurer (2 mins)

  • Jim Stovall emphasizes the importance of delivering value as the only honest and honorable way to make money over the long term, through his collaboration on "The Ultimate Financial Plan: Balancing Money & Life."
  • Economic transactions are based on the exchange of money for valuable products and services, highlighting two key roles: those who create value and those who find, package, and deliver it to the market.
  • The significance of both creating and delivering value is underscored, with success stories like an editor who found fulfillment in delivering value to readers, illustrating that finding one's role in this cycle is crucial.

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