Jan 30, 2023: Did You Decide Who You Are? (Or Did Someone Else?)

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Did You Decide Who You Are? (Or Did Someone Else?)
by Mark Manson (3 min)
We all have the power to choose who we are, but sometimes we outsource our lives to the world around us. We should be aware of the things we are likely to be wrong about and take steps to find out. Taking back our lives means recognizing when something or someone is taking up too much of our time or thoughts and taking back some of that control.
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Aims > goals: How to trust your own word in times of uncertainty.
by Maia Benaim (6 min)
The Greeks believed that chaos was the origin of everything, and this uncertainty can be seen as a creative principle. We often try to avoid uncertainty, but it can actually be a trigger for neuroplasticity. To handle uncertainty in a healthy way, we should understand which actions will move us in the right direction and focus on recurring actions instead of obsessing on ambitious outcomes. The source to fight uncertainty is not an external tool, but rather within ourselves.
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Talent archetypes: What is the β€œshape” of your skills?
by Dr. Hannah Rose (5 min)
Talent archetypes are the "shape" of a person's skills. Gartner analyst Diane Morello created the framework of the versatilist, or "T-shaped" person, who is capable in many areas and can become an expert in specific fields. To become a versatilist, it's important to cultivate a versatile mindset and practice lifelong learning. Metacognition is also key to reflecting on the best areas to invest time and energy in and expanding the versatility of one's skill set.
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