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๐Ÿ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Labeling Yourself is Keeping You Down, Do This Instead
by Nir Eyal (3 min)
We should stop labeling ourselves with nouns and instead use verbs to identify ourselves. This is an effective way to release "trapped priors" which are tainted perceptions of reality caused by past experiences. Labeling can limit potential and lead to negative self-perception. Focusing on our behaviors instead of fixed characteristics can help us become Indistractable and improve our lives.
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How to Be Happier Without Really Trying
by Eric Barker (9 min)
Epicurus felt life should be about pleasure, not drudgery and boredom. He suggested choosing pleasure wisely, focusing on Necessary pleasures, and avoiding Corrosive desires. We should prioritize satisfaction over success, surround ourselves with friends, and be grateful for what we have. We should savor past, current, and future pleasures, and seek "enough" - satisfaction beats success.
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Donโ€™t Treat Your Life as a Project
by Kieran Setiya (7 min)
Don't treat your life as a project or a narrative arc, as this can lead to feelings of failure or misplaced bravado. Instead, appreciate the abundance of an incident in life and the small successes and failures that come with it. Life is not a success or a failure, it is simply something to be lived. Don't let the lure of a dramatic arc distract you from the joys of living.
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