December 30, 2022: 2022: End of Year & Huge Thanks ❀️

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Lifelong Learning
by FS Blog (5 min)
Lifelong learning is an important skill to have and requires the ability to reflect on mistakes, read regularly, and test your understanding. Reading is the foundation of indirect learning and reflection helps make experiences more concrete. Confucius said that wisdom can be learned through reflection, imitation, and experience. Learning from our own mistakes and the mistakes of others are the primary ways we learn. To pursue lifelong learning, read regularly and learn how to read for understanding. Reflect on experiences and test your understanding by demonstrating you can teach it in simple terms.
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The Brutal Truth About Reading: If You Don’t Take Notes Right, You’ll Forget Nearly Everything
by Michael Simmons (24 min)
Reading is an important skill, but if you don't take notes correctly, you'll forget nearly everything. To make sure you remember what you read, take public notes and focus on Titanium Knowledge. This will help you remember more and create an asset that will benefit you for decades. Challenges such as impostor's syndrome, tool lock-in, and time commitment can make the transition to public notes difficult, but it is worth it in the long run.
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Why We Should Learn in Public
by Kei Watanabe (8 min)
Learn in Public is an investment in your future and in human society. By sharing your learning process online, you will receive more feedback and accelerate your learning. Your online profile is your lifelong asset, so you can contribute to human society throughout your life.
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  • 🟩 2022 has not yet ended!
    It's already Dec 30 but we are still building one more thing and hope we can launch it before the year's end! We will keep you posted ;)

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  • Thank you everyone for everything that you have done for us in 2022! We really appreciate all the support and kindness from you! 2023 is going to be so wild, and we are so excited to learn more with you!
  • In 2022, we achieved the following thanks to you!
  • 1M+ Unique Highlights
  • 150K+ Unique URLs
  • 30K Users
  • 25K+ Chrome Extension Installs
  • We are so sorry that we couldn't move fast enough to catch up with your needs but we will get there next year for sure! Thank you :)

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