December 26, 2022: To Make Big Gains, Avoid Tiny Losses

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How to Improve Your Creative Thinking
by Alice Albrecht (7 min)
Creativity is a two-part process of generating ideas and narrowing them down to the most useful ones. Memory is a critical component of creativity, as it provides the materials needed for creative thinking. To improve creative thinking, we need to build a good memory bank by consuming other people's ideas and taking notes. It's important to find a balance between staying focused and allowing our minds to wander.
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Self-Motivation: how to build a reward system for yourself
by Dr. Hannah Rose (7 min)
Building a reward system is a powerful way to boost productivity and reduce the need to rely on intrinsic motivation. Researchers have found that when a small, regular reward is available, participants experience greater interest and enjoyment in their work. You need to choose the right rewards and timing to make an effective reward system that fosters self-motivation. The brain's reward system will then take it from there to increase self-motivation, boost productivity, and help you meet your targets.
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To Make Big Gains, Avoid Tiny Losses
by James Clear (3 min)
The idea of improvement by subtraction is focused on doing less of what doesn't work, such as eliminating mistakes and stripping away the inessential. This is in contrast to improvement by addition, which is focused on doing more of what does work, such as producing a faster car or creating a more powerful speaker. By avoiding tiny losses, companies can make big gains.
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