January 9, 2023: Why the Best Things in Life Are All Backwards

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Lessons From The Samurai: The Secret To Always Being At Your Best
by Eric Barker (5 min)
The samurai believed that being calm was the key to success and optimal performance. They stressed the importance of guarding your mind and not letting it give in to itself. Research shows that having a feeling of control is the most powerful way to combat stress and anxiety. Victory over yourself is the ultimate goal, and the samurai's wisdom can help us achieve it.
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The Backwards Lawβ€”Why the Best Things in Life Must Be Let Go
by Β (8 min)
The best things in life often require us to surrender to the world and let go of control. The most important experiences and goals in life all exist on an inverted curve, where effort and reward have a negative correlation. To achieve these goals, we must take our minds and teach it to stop chasing its own tail by letting go and surrendering.
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The Big Lessons From History
by Morgan Housel (14 min)
History can teach us both specific events and broad behaviors that show up in multiple fields and eras. We must learn to reconcile short-term problems with long-term growth. Everyone has a different lens through which they view the world, and incentives can cause smart people to embrace and defend ideas that range from goofy to disastrous. Big events rarely have one cause, and no one can predict the risks that no one sees coming.
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