July 10, 2023: AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions β€” and Solve Bigger Problems

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AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions β€” and Solve Bigger Problems
by Hal Gregersen and Nicola Morini Bianzino (8 mins)

  • AI can boost critical thinking and problem-solving by enabling faster, varied, and novel questions, leading to innovative solutions in businesses.
  • AI creates conditions for breakthrough thinking by pushing leaders out of their comfort zones and encouraging reflection and reevaluation of existing understandings.
  • To leverage AI effectively, leaders should cultivate trust and psychological safety within their teams, and manage the limitations of AI by complementing it with human strengths.

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Scientists finally know why we get distracted β€” and how we can stay on track
by Tim Vernimmen (6 mins)

  • Psychologist Jonathan Smallwood studied mind-wandering and found that unhappy minds dwell on the past, while happy minds focus on the future.
  • The default mode network in the brain is associated with mind-wandering and plays a role in memory retrieval.
  • Social media may serve as a substitute for mind-wandering, as both involve social interaction, but mind-wandering allows for more active thought generation.

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Why Content Distribution Is More Important Than Ever Before
by Chris Meabe (2 mins)

  • The internet is inundated with content, causing quality pieces to get lost in the noise, largely due to the emphasis on content creation.
  • The author suggests a shift from content creation to distribution, to ensure quality content reaches and engages audiences.
  • The rise of direct search results on Google necessitates a new strategy focusing more on effective content distribution.

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