July 6, 2023: When critical thinking isn’t enough: to beat information overload, we need to learn ‘critical ignoring’

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AI and The Burden of Knowledge
by Mario Gabriele (10 mins)

  • The "burden of knowledge" indicates increasing knowledge base makes it harder for humans to contribute novel ideas.
  • AI doesn't face this issue, continuously improving and potentially surpassing human understanding.
  • As AI advances, humans may need to rely on AI's findings, creating a reliance on incomprehensible knowledge.

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When critical thinking isn’t enough: to beat information overload, we need to learn ‘critical ignoring’
by Ralph Hertwig, Anastasia Kozyreva, Sam Wineburg, and Stephan Lewandowsky (5 mins)

  • The internet's overload of information necessitates new strategies beyond critical thinking due to increasing attention hijacking tactics by platforms.
  • "Critical ignoring," deliberately choosing what to overlook, is suggested as a tool to manage this information abundance.
  • Three strategies for critical ignoring include self-nudging, lateral reading, and the do-not-feed-the-trolls heuristic, which should be taught in schools for better digital world navigation.

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Self Improvement Is Actually Addictive — If You Have the Right Frame of Mind
by Neeramitra Reddy (4 mins)

  • Self-improvement involves holistic growth with a purposeful reason, not just physical or productivity-oriented tasks.
  • Dopamine regulation, through limiting addictive modern activities and focusing on quality actions, is key to maintaining motivation.
  • Self-improvement is a personalized journey, dependent on individual perspectives and interests, with the constant being continuous improvement.

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