June 12, 2023: Knowledge Is Power—And Why You Should Share It

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People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves
by Belle Beth Cooper (5 mins)
People don't buy products, they buy better versions of themselves. Marketing should focus on the benefits of a product rather than just the features. Features are what a product has or does, while benefits are why they are important. Examples of successful marketing include Apple's "1,000 songs in your pocket" and Nest Thermostat's "Saving energy is a beautiful thing." Companies like Twitter and LinkedIn focus on what customers can do with their products, while GitHub emphasizes building software better together.
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Knowledge Is Power—And Why You Should Share It
by Kate Vitasek (4 mins)
Sharing knowledge can create a powerful dynamic that alters business relationships for the better. Research shows that intensive users of analytics and data programs are more likely to gain customers, achieve above-average profitability, and retain customers. The BATNA concept in negotiations highlights how parties often avoid sharing knowledge, but sharing it fosters trust and transparency, leading to more creative solutions. Win-win relationships don't happen by accident, especially when parties try to conceal their knowledge. Therefore, sharing knowledge is crucial for lasting relationships in today's business environment.
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Paying Attention
by Morgan Housel (3 mins)
Deciding what to pay attention to is a negative skill that is often overlooked but important. The best reading strategy is to use a wide funnel and tight filter, asking if the information will still be relevant in a year. There are two types of knowledge: expiring and permanent. Permanent knowledge is principles and frameworks that help make sense of expiring information. People remember stories and epic lines, not entire books. To open your mind to viewpoints you disagree with, find people whose views you respect and listen to them about topics you disagree on. When a person you admire disagrees with you about something fundamental, pay close attention.
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Using ChatGPT Ethically: A Guide for Smart Leaders

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