May 4, 2023: Proprioceptive writing: a method for embodied self-reflection

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Proprioceptive writing: a method for embodied self-reflection
by Dr. Hannah Rose (6 min)
Proprioceptive writing is a free method for boosting self-awareness that combines meditation and writing. Developed by Linda Trichter Metcalf, the method involves listening to inner thoughts and writing them down for 25 minutes while listening to Baroque music. By connecting physical sensations with thoughts, individuals can develop a stronger connection to their emotions and rediscover their dreams and creative energy. The method also reduces the likelihood of unhealthy rumination.
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How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine
by Simon Eskildsen (11 min)
The author shares their system for becoming a learning machine, which involves reading widely, highlighting important information, and organizing it in a digital system. They use Readwise to collect and review their highlights, and Anki to turn them into flashcards. They also keep a Zettelkasten to connect abstract ideas. The author emphasizes the importance of treating one's mind like technology infrastructure and constantly optimizing it for learning.
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Building AI-first Products
by Tariq Rauf (8 min)
AI-first products require thinking in domains, breaking the skeuomorphic barrier, redefining with AI-native solutions, guarding against technical limitations, and leveraging the technology where it creates most value. Companies must build unique product infrastructure, access proprietary data, and have access to compute/talent to build and scale faster than competition. AI can create new use-cases and behaviours, while most of the immediate value is in retrospectively applying the technology to existing problems.
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