May 6, 2024: 5 Lessons from a Conversation With a World-Renowned Happiness Expert

“No one can have everything, so you have to try for what you want most.”

― Mae West

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

5 Lessons from a Conversation With a World-Renowned Happiness Expert
by Sahil Bloom (5 mins)

  • Relationship satisfaction at age 50 is the top predictor of physical health at age 80, surpassing traditional health markers like cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Loneliness has become an epidemic, with significant health risks such as increased dementia risk and mortality rates comparable to tobacco and alcohol abuse.
  • Prioritize "social fitness" by making small daily efforts to connect with others, such as expressing appreciation, catching up with friends, or planning social gatherings.

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Focus On Learning and Creating Rather Than Entertainment and Distraction
by Anthony Moore (9 mins)

  • Ordinary people prioritize entertainment and distraction, while extraordinary individuals focus on learning and creating.
  • Success is heavily influenced by personal development and self-education rather than external factors like gadgets or entertainment.
  • To attract success and opportunities, one must become a better version of themselves and prioritize growth over comfort and security.

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Full Cycle Developers at Netflix — Operate What You Build
by Philip Fisher-Ogden, Greg Burrell, and Dianne Marsh (10 mins)

  • Operate What You Build Approach: Netflix transitioned from segmented responsibilities to a model where development teams handle the full software life cycle, inspired by DevOps principles.
  • Challenges and Solutions: The transition involved overcoming challenges like communication gaps and knowledge transfer issues. Netflix addressed these by empowering development teams with tools, training, and shared ownership.
  • Full Cycle Developers: Developers at Netflix are now expected to be knowledgeable and effective across the entire software life cycle, necessitating a mindset shift and ongoing commitment to balancing priorities and investments.

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