November 28, 2022: What AI can teach us about human bias in decision making

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What AI can teach us about human bias in decision making
by Howard H. Yu (7min)
An ensemble of algorithms working together will produce far more accurate predictions than one working alone. The collective insight, or total wisdom of these algorithms is far superior to that of a single algorithm. In fact, it is better than a single algorithm that is trained by all the data in one go. Just as with machine learning, humans need to actively seek out diverse perspectives of people who are wired differently because of their alternative life experiences. Only then can we build a better, more accurate picture of the truth.
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8 creators reveal their #1 growth hack
by Simon Owens (11min)Most content entrepreneurs can look back at the history of their businesses and identify strategic decisions that had an outsized impact. In the author's podcast interviews with hundreds of media operators, they often described key turning points that propelled them to the next level. In some cases, it involved changes to their content production, whereas others cited the introduction of new revenue streams.
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Three Steps to Teach Children About Honesty
by Victoria Talwar (5min)
We teach children how to count, read, and tie their shoelaces. We teach them to develop the abilities they need to be happy, active, and well-adjusted adults. Honesty is one of those behaviors. It forms the basis of trust in our relationships. Learning how to be honest and communicate respectfully, kindly, and truthfully is an important skill we need to teach our children.
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