November 4, 2022

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Limiting Beliefs: Invert, Invert, Invert to Get to Bigger & Better Life
by Marvin Liao (3min)
Limiting beliefs can have a number of negative effects on you. They could keep you from making good choices, taking new opportunities, or reaching your potential. Ultimately, limiting beliefs can keep you stuck in a negative state of mind and hinder you from living the life you truly desire. Surround yourself with other outstanding, smart(er) individuals. Do this through friendship groups, business partners, and even masterminds, which are formal groups of people who get together regularly to help each other grow and keep each other accountable.
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TikTok’s Future: Learnings From China
by Connie Chan (5min)SVP Prabhakar Raghavan recently said that according to the company’s internal studies, 40% of young people, when looking for a place for lunch, go first to TikTok or Instagram over Google Maps or Search. Whoever masters video search will unlock a compelling wedge into in-app commerce and be able to monetize the intent of their users. If a social company were to figure out how to keep their customers’ actions inside of their app, then they could expand their business into commerce and payments, the consumer wallet, and other extremely lucrative features.
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Great advice on writing from Tim Urban
by Brian Beckcom (3min)
Write. I wrote 300 blog posts between the ages of 23 and 29 before starting Wait But Why. It can take a while to find your voice and your tone and your style. Even if you’re experimenting, if something you’re trying isn’t working, try to figure out why, rewrite parts, start over and try a new approach, etc. — keep fiddling until it clicks. The ideas behind the writing are more important than the quality of the writing itself. You’d rather have great ideas and pretty good writing than the other way around.
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