October 31, 2022

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

The Importance of Having a Physical Identity
by Brett & Kate McKay  (8min)
Dr. Daniel O’Neill, the author of Survival of the Fit, defines “physical identity” as the innate human drive we’re all born with to move our bodies through space. But according to Dr. O’Neill, kids lose their physical identity if that playful, active approach to the world isn’t fostered and encouraged as they move beyond the toddler years.
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If Curious, Then Learn: A Brief Intro to Algorithmic Thinking
by Jesika Brooks (6min)Algorithmic thinking is the use of algorithms, or step-by-step sets of instructions, to complete a task. Teaching students to use algorithmic thinking prepares them for novelty.   Algorithmic thinking has close ties to computer science and mathematics, as algorithms are the key to completing sequences of code or chunking big problems into smaller, more solvable parts. It gives them an idea of how to go about making decisions — a daily process — as well as teaches them more procedural ways to learn.
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How to Spend Time on What You Value
by Rebecca Rashid and Arthur C. Brooks (12min)
We try to use our time wisely—both at work and in leisure—but we often waste it. We may blame work for stripping us of recreation, but when valuable free time comes around, we can often revert back to more work. What explains the gap between how we use our time and how we want to use our time? A conversation with Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans helps us analyze our complex relationship with time and how to orient our time use around what we value.
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