November 6, 2023: Smart Things I’ve Read Lately

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” ― Nelson Mandela

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Smart Things I’ve Read Lately
by Morgan Housel (4 mins)

  • Quotations in the text reflect on the nature of being wrong, the importance of being loved for who you are rather than what you have, and the idea that independence and character trump material success and competence.
  • The writers cited, including David McRaney, Warren Buffett, and Ernest Hemingway, offer insights on self-perception, the impact of wealth on relationships and medical care, and the deceptive nature of evil.
  • Themes include the illusory nature of nostalgia, the timelessness of writing that speaks to universal truths, the essence of creativity within constraints, and the profound difference between what one needs and what one acquires in life.

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Brain Training Doesn’t Work
by Scott H. Young (4 mins)

  • Studies show brain training improves only task-specific performance, with little evidence it enhances overall cognitive abilities.
  • The "mind-muscle" analogy fails as mental skills don't generalize; improvements are seen only in tasks that share similar procedures and knowledge.
  • Broader education may increase intelligence by providing a wider range of cognitive tools, unlike narrow brain training exercises.

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Brand Dilution: How Strong Brands Lose Their Power (And How To Avoid It)
by Frontera (4 mins)

  • Brand dilution occurs when a strong brand expands its product line in ways that contradict its established image, as seen with Marlboro's introduction of light and menthol cigarettes, which weakened its "men's cigarette" identity and slowed its growth.
  • Rolex avoided dilution by creating Tudor, a separate brand for more affordable watches, thereby maintaining Rolex's luxury status while allowing Tudor to develop its own successful identity and market presence.
  • To prevent brand dilution, companies should maintain specificity and avoid negative associations; strong brands are intentional about their values and image, carefully managing customer touchpoints to protect their brand's integrity and believability.

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