October 24, 2022

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We hand-picked 3 good articles for you to highlight this week. Hope they'll help you get new ideas and perspectives. (You can read this online!)

πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

From fixed mindset to growth mindset: the complete guide
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (13min)
If you ask someone "Do you have a growth mindset?", most people will say yes. This is called the "false growth mindset" and it's a natural consequence of being human. If you want to challenge your "yes autopilot" and take a deep dive into what is growth mindset and how you can foster it, buckle up.
πŸ”— Glasp Community Highlights

List of Top Content Writing Tools in 2022 that are free
by Nishant Jayant (7min)As writers, getting up to the keyboard daily can be difficult. However, using the right tools can make it a productive and enjoyable affair. Here are some of the best content writing tools on the market at the moment, each of which addresses a particular problem with the writing process.
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How Notion Grows
by Jaryd Hermann (31min)
Notion is a $10B SaaS startup that used product-led and community-led growth strategies. We know many Glasp users use Notion for note-taking and hosting a website. In this article, the author went deep into their go-to-market strategy, how they acquired early customers, and what their current growth engine looks like.
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πŸ“£ Community

🟧 Released new feature, AI-powered writing:
We released a new feature, AI-powered writing! We fine-tuned the model based on curated information, and it can compensate for one of the weaknesses of the current AI models: the old data issue. Please look at this demo video to see how it works πŸ‘€ You can test it on the Atomic Notes on your profile!

🟩 Reached 700,000 community highlights:
We're so grateful to announce that we reached 700,000 community highlights in total! The highlight is when an idea sparks in your mind, so the spark happened 700K so far. We believe it accelerates learning and is a contribution to human society. Let’s learn together and hit 1M highlights soon!

❀️ Gratitude

We found some people who mentioned Glasp in their articles and blogs, and we really appreciate all the kindness!

  • Thank you everyone for joining the Read5for5 challenge! We've got much feedback that the challenge was helpful to learn and write new ideas. We'll have the challenge next month, so we're looking forward to learning with you again!
  • We're grateful to be able to talk to you again at the Glasp's community monthly meetup! If you want to see what we talked about, please visit this page.
  • Thank you, Danilo Ruocco, for featuring Glasp in your YouTube video! It's pleasure for us to see it in the video!
  • Our AI-powered writing is featured in "Build a website in 30 seconds, with AI," a newsletter by Ben Tossell! Thank you, Ben, for featuring us!
  • Glasp's Kindle export was featured in "How to Export Kindle Notes and Highlights" by Hongkiat! Thank you for featuring it!
    Thank you all for sharing and mentioning us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or in your blogs πŸ™‚ We really appreciate all of your support! Please feel free to ask us anything at any time! Also, feel free to join our Slack community ;)

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Quote of The Day: "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." β€” Robert Louis Stevenson

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