September 28, 2023: Note-taking Lessons From America’s Greatest Biographer

“Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.”

― Helen Keller

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Note-taking Lessons From America’s Greatest Biographer
by Jillian Hess (7 mins)

  • Robert Caro is celebrated for his meticulous research and detailed biographical writing, often taking a decade per book.
  • Caro employs rigorous note-taking, outlining, and interviewing techniques, ensuring accuracy and depth in his narratives.
  • The New-York Historical Society exhibits Caro's work process, but it largely overlooks the significant contributions of his wife, Ina.

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Getting to 19,000 monthly clicks: Everything I've learned about SEO as a beginner
by Lior Neu-ner (5 mins)

  • The author grew Remote Rocketship to 19,000 monthly clicks through a concentrated effort on SEO.
  • Main SEO strategies include: on-page optimization, topical relevance, and building trust with backlinks.
  • Utilized programmatic SEO and AI tools like ChatGPT to target a wider variety of keywords and generate content.

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How to conquer digital distractions
by Christina Marfice (8 mins)

  • Digital Distractions Pervasive: Remote workers face increasing digital interruptions, diminishing work productivity and personal enjoyment.
  • Engineered Addictiveness: Digital platforms, like smartphones and social media, are designed to be addictive, hindering genuine human interactions.
  • Management Techniques: Combat distractions by controlling notifications, scheduling "distraction breaks", and occasionally unplugging for focused work.

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