I CANNOT Highlight Text on The Web

Sometimes clicking the color popup doesn't work due to technical issues around the browser extension. There are some ways to fix this: refreshing the page, switching tabs, and right-click highlight, etc. Sorry for the inconvenience... We are constantly improving the browser extension.

Please try one or some of the followings 👇

  • Refresh the page (or hit **Cmd + Shift + R**)
  • Switching browser tabs
  • Right-click Highlight (robust way to highlight)
  • Update the browser version
  • Update the Glasp browser extension to the latest version
  • Please remove the browser extension and re-install again (sorry for the inconvenience). Chrome Web Store: Glasp
  • Open a new tab (hit **Cmd + N** on Mac)

Please reach out to us if these don't work:


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