What is Learning Insights on Glasp?

What is Learning Insights on Glasp?

We launched a new feature called Learning Insights on Glasp. It showcases all the days you highlighted articles, YouTube videos, or PDFs. You can visually see how much you're learning and contributing to human society.

To see your learning insights, please go to the My Highlights page first. On the left of your My Highlights page, you can see a calendar panel. Please click See Learning Insights.

You can see the Learning Insights below.

Also, you can see the overview stats.

If you'd like to see the Learning Insights by year, please click the year at the top. For example, I clicked 2022 and I see my Learning Insights of 2022.

Also, if you mouse over a cell, you can see the number of highlights you made on that day. If I move a mouse on June 4, 2022, I can see that I made 56 highlights on that day.

If you'd like to see other Glaspers' Learning Insights, go to their profile page. In this case, I go to Kazuki's Profile page, then I can see See Learning Insights.

Kazuki's profile page

Then, I can see his Learning Insights.

Let's keep learning and exploring other Glaspers! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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