June 15, 2023: How I Learned to Build Community and Why You Should Learn Too

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Forget Networking and Build Your Personal Board of Directors Instead
by Ha Nguyen (8 mins)
Building a personal board of directors is more valuable than traditional networking. This group of trusted advisors invests in your success and well-being, providing diverse perspectives and brutal honesty. They know your strengths and areas for improvement and can offer insights on pivotal career decisions. The people on your board should be those who care deeply about your success and have seen you in action. To build your board, look for opportunities to show your skills and expertise to those you admire. Surrounding yourself with supportive advisors can help you become the best version of yourself, professionally and personally.
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How I Learned to Build Community and Why You Should Learn Too
by Peter Yang (4 mins)
The author learned that building community is the most important skill they acquired in 2021. They built Talk through community-led product development with moderators, grew their audience through useful advice and shitposting, and wrote a beginner's guide to crypto that went viral. They offer five tips for building a successful community: have a clear mission, focus on core contributors, prioritize onboarding, use a gratitude channel, and kindle small fires. Building a community is a big commitment, but it's a critical skill to develop as it's now easier than ever for a group of internet friends to create something great.
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Burning Bad: Cash burn, cash runway and valuation
by CJ Gustafson (5 mins)
Valuations for startups are no longer solely based on growth, with profitability now playing a bigger role. Startups need funding to get going, but the point of raising money is to delay the pursuit of free cash flows and focus on market opportunities. Cash burn is the amount of money a company uses to subsidize current operations, while cash runway is the number of months until cash runs out. Leading indicators for future business success include CAC payback period, LTV to CAC, net retention, gross margin, and burn multiple.
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