5 Day Reading Challenge in September 2023 📚✨

5 Day Reading Challenge in September 2023 📚✨

Day 1️⃣

  1. 19 Rules For A Better Life (From Marcus Aurelius) by Ryan Holiday (9 mins)
  • Marcus Aurelius' Stoic Principles: He championed self-awareness, focusing on inner control, and recognizing the impermanence of life.
  • Actions and Relationships: Prioritize essential tasks, seek compassion over anger, and uphold personal standards without imposing on others.
  • Challenges and Integrity: View obstacles as growth opportunities and always maintain ethical integrity, regardless of circumstances.
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2. Life Lessons from 1,000 Years by Sahil Bloom (6 mins)

  • The author, turning 32, collected life advice from individuals with over 1,000 years of combined experience.
  • The advice ranged from enjoying daily pleasures to profound insights on relationships and personal growth.
  • He urges readers to seek wisdom from their elders and apply resonating lessons to their own lives.
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3. How to Tackle a Mountain of Tasks by Leo Babauta (4 mins)

  • Feeling Overwhelmed: Viewing a bulk of tasks as one huge challenge can be daunting.
  • Starting and Focusing: Tackle small tasks first and prioritize daily goals. Focus on one task at a time, understanding its importance.
  • Change in Perspective: Approach tasks with joy and curiosity, turning chores into exciting adventures.
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Day 2️⃣

  1. Curse of Knowledge: How to Be an Approachable Genius by Chris Meyer (4 mins)
  • The Curse of Knowledge is a cognitive bias where knowledgeable individuals struggle to relate to those with less knowledge, leading to communication problems.
  • Consequences include difficulty explaining concepts, breakdowns in communication, and trust issues.
  • Solutions involve avoiding jargon, being open to questions, mentoring, and using effective learning methods like the Feynman Technique. Beginners can seek guidance from intermediates, known as "purple belts."
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2. The "Big Rocks" of Life by Dr. Stephen R. Covey (2 mins)

  • Dr. Stephen R. Covey demonstrated a lesson to business students using a jar, rocks, gravel, sand, and water, highlighting the importance of prioritizing major tasks.
  • When asked if the jar was full after placing each layer (rocks, gravel, and sand), the students' perception changed, understanding that there's always room for more when things are done in the right order.
  • The primary lesson of the illustration is that if one doesn't prioritize the most important things ('big rocks') in life first, there might not be space for them later.
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3. How to Live on 24 Hours a Day: Arnold Bennett on Living a Meaningful Life Within the Constraints of Time by FS Blog (7 mins)

  • Arnold Bennett's book "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day" addresses the challenge of making the best use of one's time and emphasizes the importance of valuing time over money.
  • Bennett encourages readers to pursue their dreams, emphasizing that the act of trying and the journey itself are what truly matter in life.
  • The book suggests practical steps for managing time, such as focusing on specific diversions, cultivating the mind, and exercising control over one's thoughts, ultimately promoting a more meaningful and intentional life.
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Day 3️⃣

  1. How reading fiction can make you a better person by Jeannie Kidera (5 mins)
  • Enhances Empathy: Fiction activates the brain to mimic real experiences, deepening understanding of others' feelings.
  • Promotes Helpful Behavior: Engaging in fictional stories increases empathetic responses and encourages acts of kindness.
  • Boosts Social Awareness: Fiction improves the ability to discern others' emotions and intentions, fostering emotional intelligence.
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2. The Power of the Underdog by Louis Greenstein (2 mins)

  • Motivation Boost: Underdogs are driven to prove detractors wrong, enhancing performance.
  • Underdog Narrative: Originating from dogfighting, crafting an underdog story can inspire oneself and others.
  • Management Strategy: Managers can use the underdog effect by addressing low expectations and ensuring team confidence.
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3. My summary of Tyler Cowen's approach to leading an intellectually fulfilling life by David Gasca (9 mins)

  • Tyler Cowen, an economist and polymath, is admired for his insatiable curiosity and wide-ranging intellectual pursuits, which the author relates to and sees as a validation of their own diverse interests.
  • Cowen's strategy for intellectual growth includes diversifying experiences, gaining deep context, learning from the best, and continuous reflection.
  • As an example, given only 10 hours in Mongolia, Cowen would immerse himself in the experience to gain rich insights.
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Day 4️⃣

  1. Intellectual Sparring Partners by Sahil Bloom (5 mins)
  • Intellectual Sparring Partners: Individuals who enhance your reasoning through informed debates.
  • Identifying a Partner: Seek those with diverse backgrounds, clear thinking, and a direct yet kind demeanor.
  • Value: They provide fresh insights, fostering personal and professional growth.
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2. The 5-hour rule: How to turn a wasted day into a successful one by Jonny Thomson (5 mins)

  • The 5-hour Rule: Spend an hour daily (five days a week) on learning and reflection. Figures like Benjamin Franklin and Elon Musk follow this.
  • Time Management: Deducting sleep, work, and daily chores, people have a few discretionary hours. How these are spent can define success or mediocrity.
  • Applying the Rule: Learn through varied mediums, embrace and learn from failures, and regularly reflect on experiences.
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3. Steelmanning: How to Find the Truth by Helping Your Opponent by Chris Meyer (7 mins)

  • Steelmanning Defined: Presenting an opponent's argument in its strongest form, contrasting with strawmanning, which misrepresents it.
  • Three-Step Challenge: 1. Understand and articulate the opposing viewpoint. 2.Collaborate with opponents to enhance their argument. 3. Defend the opponent's stance against your original belief.
  • Practical Value: While time-intensive, steelmanning deepens understanding and promotes genuine dialogue. Other methods like Rapoport’s Rule offer similar benefits.
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Day 5️⃣

  1. How Elon Musk Learns Faster And Better Than Everyone Else by Michael Simmons (8 mins)
  • Elon Musk has built four multibillion companies in diverse fields by his mid-40s, raising questions about his unique learning abilities.
  • While many attribute Musk's success to his work ethic, vision, and resilience, the author emphasizes Musk's approach as a modern polymath: he spends at least 5 hours a week learning, studies a wide range of fields, understands connecting mental models, and applies them to his specialties.
  • The author believes that learning across multiple fields, as Musk does, can significantly increase chances of achieving breakthrough success.
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2. How To Become An Expert At Anything: 5 Powerful Secrets From Research by Eric Barker (8 mins)

  • Avoid relying on reading and highlighting; familiarity doesn't mean mastery.
  • Organize information, aim for deep understanding, and consistently self-test.
  • During tests, read carefully, persist in recalling, and review mistakes afterward.
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3. How hard should I push myself? by Dan Shipper (7 mins)

  • Stress Response: Originally designed for immediate dangers, chronic activation in humans can lead to health issues.
  • Stress Impact: Short-term stress can be beneficial, but chronic stress weakens the body's defenses.
  • Coping Strategies: Sapolsky suggests enhancing control, increasing predictability, finding frustration outlets, and building social support.
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